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Graduate Academy of Universität Heidelberg

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Dr. Helke Hillebrand

Seminarstr. 2
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Research Training Groups (Promotionskollegs)

The Graduate Academy awards funding through the Landesgraduiertenförderung Programme for the creation of new research training groups at Heidelberg University depending on the allocation of funds by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts. This funding programme aims at permanently improving the framework for doctoral training throughout the University through the establishment of structured doctoral programmes.

Call for proposals

The call for proposals in 2017 has expired!


The research training groups selected in 2017 are:

Each research training group receives approximately 200,000 Euro and 160.000 Euro respectively during the funding period of three years from the Langraduiertenförderung Programme of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Additionally, an infrastructure grant of max. 5,000 Euro per year is provided, for example for the implementation of conferences or training programmes.


Next call for proposals to be announced in summer 2018!

General Information

Important Dates

Call for applications: to be announced
Application deadline: to be announced
Start of fellowships: to be announced
Period of fellowships: max. 3 years
Estimated allocation of funds for each research training group:

5 fellowships of 1,110 Euro each per month;
this amount includes an allowance for travel and material expenses.

Infrastructure grant of max. 5,000 Euro per year for 3 years









Applications can be submitted by groups of researchers who intend to implement a concept of structured doctoral training and supervision.


Contact person in the Graduate Academy

Dr. Helke Hillebrand
Tel: + 49(0) 6221 - 54 19760


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