Travel Grants for Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs

Call for Applications within the Excellence Initiative

The Heidelberg University Graduate Academy is pleased to announce funding support for doctoral students and postdocs at Heidelberg University for participation in conferences, workshops and for short-term research trips in Germany and abroad. Funding up to a maximum of 1,500 € can be awarded for the reimbursement of travel and living expenses (excluding meals) as well as for registration fees.

    Application deadlines for trips taking place in 2016/17:
    17 January 2016 for trips from 15 February 2016 until 1 September 2016
    29 May 2016 for trips from 15 July 2016 until 14 February 2017

    Please take note of the application periods and time your application accordingly.
    Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the appropriate deadline
    will not be considered. The evaluation process generally takes about 8-10 weeks
    after the application deadline.

Guidelines for applying for a travel grant/FAQs and application forms
Please read this information carefully before applying for a grant in order to determine if you are eligible to apply, to help you to plan the timing of your application, to fill out the application form effectively and to avoid the most common mistakes. Read more


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