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Travel Grants from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences - Application Procedure and Forms


Applications can be submitted at any time.

Applications will be collected and assessed as a group after the deadlines indicated below. Your trip should take place within a period of 6 months following the applicable deadline.


January 10
April 10
July 10
October 10


Please take note of the deadlines and corresponding travel periods; if possible, we advise you to apply at the earliest relevant deadline. The awards notifications are sent out about 4 to 6 weeks after the deadlines listed above. If your trip takes place during this 4 to 6 week evaluation period, we will not be able to notify you of the results of your application before your trip begins.
Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the appropriate deadline will not be considered.


Please complete the following three steps to apply for a travel grant:



Please note: The submission of the online registration form alone does not constitute an application. Only when all necessary documents have been submitted to the Graduate Academy, will your application be considered.

STEP 2: Submit the APPLICATION FORM Adobe and accompanying documents to the Graduate Academy

Please note:

  • Please save the application form on your computer before filling it out in order to ensure that your data is transmitted correctly. After filling out the application form, please re-save the file and send it with a copy of your letter of admission as a doctoral candidate or your enrollment certificate (with the intended degree "Promotion m. Abschlussprfg") to Heidelberg University via email to the Graduate Academy:
  • If applicable, please submit a copy of the acceptance confirmation (by the conference / summer or winter school organizers) or invitation letter (by the research institute). If you have not yet received a confirmation, please indicate on the application form when you expect it.
  • If applicable, please submit a copy of the approval letter for external funding.
  • Please attach your documents separately to the email, it is not necessary to combine them into one PDF.

STEP 3: Ask your supervisor to submit the EVALUATION FORMAdobe

Your supervisor must submit the evaluation form directly to the Graduate Academy via email by the same deadline that applies to your application:

If it is not possible for your first supervisor to fill out the evaluation form for you (e.g. due to illness, parental leave etc.), you can ask another professor in your subject area who is familiar with your project to evaluate your application and complete the form for you.

Please note: The evaluation is to be treated confidentially by your supervisor.


Before you submit your application, please check carefully that you have included all of the necessary documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered.




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