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Writing Contest: "Super-Vision: Successful PhD Partnerships and Where to Find Them"

Congratulations to the finalists!


We are very pleased to announce the awards pertaining to the Writing Contest “Super-Vision: Successful PhD Partnerships and Where to Find Them” organized by the Graduate Academy and the Heidelberg Graduate School for Social Sciences and Humanities (HGGS) (published on August 25, 2020).
The selection committee has carefully evaluated all submissions and has been impressed with the originality of the contributions. In view of the quality and number of the submissions, the committee has decided to award one first place and five runner-up awards. The authors will be granted vouchers in the amount of 150 € (first place) and 100 € (second places) to be used for coaching, course or conference participation and alike – as announced in the original call.  

We share our excitement with Hannah Mieger from the Neuphilologische Fakultät for her award-winning poem “Promovere” – a well-deserved first place.

We further share our enjoyment with all runner-up awardees (in alphabetical order) whose inspirational contributions made us decide on five additional awards at par:

  • Yasamin Dabiri, Faculty of Biosciences, for her contribution "Searching for a good mentor: It takes a village"
  • Ulrike Freitag, Faculty of Modern Languages, for her contribution "It’s a mad, mad world - the secret life of a doctoral candidate"
  • Rovimar Serrano Gómez, Faculty of Philosophy, for her contribution “I want to be your supervisor!”
  • Sara Konrad, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, for her contribution "Bei der Promotion sind Vertrauen und Freiraum essentiell"
  • Hüsnü Yilmaz, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, for his contribution "Reflections on the relationship between provision and supervision in academia"

Congratulations to all of you and a delighted thank you for your participation in the contest and for turning this initiative into a success. We will contact you in due course in order to start working jointly and to your likings towards the publication and podcasts of your award-winning pieces.

We also like to extend our gratitude to the generous supporters of our initiative working on best practices in PhD supervision - starting from their participation in our panel discussion last fall to contributions to the selection procedure this spring, namely Prof. Dr. Andrea Albrecht (Faculty of Modern Languages), Prof. Dr. Peter Bastian (Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science), Prof. Dr. Aurel Croissant (Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences), Prof. Dr. Ursula Kummer (Faculty of Biosciences) as well as the Ombudspersons for PhD candidates at Heidelberg University, Prof. Dr. Christiane von Stutterheim (Faculty of Modern Languages) and Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Wahl (Faculty of Behavioral and Cultural Studies).

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