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"A roadmap to publishing in Nature"
Talk by Dr. Michael White, Senior Editor at Nature
June 14, 2024

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Join us for "A roadmap to publishing in Nature", a talk by Dr. Michael White, Senior Editor at Nature!

About the talk

Do you have a fascinating and novel finding that seems like a potentially good match for a high impact journal – but are unsure how to craft the paper and navigate the review process? Michael White, Nature’s editor for climate science, will demystify the process, from abstract to appeals. The journey will span minutiae like cover letters to the higher-level philosophy guiding decisions. Bring your criticisms and questions for a lively Q&A following the talk!
The target audience for the talk is doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

About Dr. Michael White

Michael White is Nature’s editor for climate science. He handles submissions on atmospheres, oceans, the cryosphere, and hydrology – past, present and future, on Earth and other planets. Michael White works closely with Nature’s editors for biogeoscience, economics, and ecology and is broadly experienced in interdisciplinary Earth System Science. Before coming to Nature in 2008, he was an academic at Utah State University, where he conducted research on land surface phenology and terrestrial biogeochemistry – mostly using computational models and satellite remote sensing.

World's To Do List

Friday, June 14, 2024 – Agenda

10:00 am        Arrival at the Grenier-Saal (BioQuant) & get-together

10:30 am        Talk by Dr. Michael White, Senior Editor at Nature

11:30 am        Sandwich lunch and refreshments combined with an AMA* (*Ask me anything)

12:30 pm        Hands-on abstract writing session (mainly for doctoral researchers but all welcome)



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