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LFG application – Completion grants of the Landesgraduiertenförderung (LGF)

Call for Applications

Call for applications

The Heidelberg University Graduate Academy is awarding completion grants funded through the LGF program (depending on the allocation of funds by the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts). The grants are open to doctoral candidates with above-average qualifications for the completion of their dissertation projects.

The call for applications for spring 2024 has expired. The next call for applications is expected to begin in September 2024.



General Information about the Application for LGF Completion Grants


Important Dates:

Start call for applications: 01 March 2024 01 September 2024
Application deadline: 12 April 2024 15 October 2024
Start of funding between 01 August 2024
and 01 January 2025
between 01 February 2025
and 01 July 2025
Duration of funding: up to 6 months after the desired funding begin
Amount: 1.203 Euro/month including a travel and materials allowance of 103 Euro/month

Prerequisites for application:

  • Successfully completed university degree (Masters level or equivalent)
  • Admission as a doctoral candidate at the appropriate faculty of Heidelberg University
  • Academic supervision by a professor or associate professor
  • Outstanding qualifications and a scientific project that is expected to make a significant contribution to current research
  • Dissertation at an advanced stage so that submission to the faculty is expected directly after or max. 3 months after funding expires

Please note:

  • For the application deadline in spring (mid-April), funding can begin in August at the earliest and the following January at the latest. For the application deadline in fall (mid-October), funding can begin in the following February at the earliest and in the following July at the latest. The completion grant can be awarded for a maximum period of 6 months after the desired funding begin. Please indicate on the online registration form the time period during which you would like to receive the completion grant.
  • The completion grants is awarded to support the completion of your dissertation. The grant cannot be paid out in the period between the submission of your dissertation and your thesis defense.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline, as well as incomplete applications, will not be considered.
  • If you wish to withdraw your application, please notify the University of Heidelberg Graduate Academy immediately.
  • Please only submit the number of evaluations indicated in the application instructions. Additional evaluations will not be considered.
  • You are not eligible for a completion grant if you are simultaneously receiving an equivalent grant for your doctoral thesis from public or private sources.
  • You are not eligible for a completion grant if you have already received funding for the completion of your doctoral thesis from other sources.
  • It is not possible to receive a LGF completion grant if the following conditions apply to you:
    • you were employed as a Mitarbeiter/in nach TV-L or a wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft at Heidelberg University (not including the University Hospital) in the three months before the start of the funding AND
    • your employment consisted of a contract of more than 25% of a full-time position AND
    • the work you did has a direct connection to your doctoral project (this means that through the contract you earned income for doing the research that makes up your doctoral project).

      If this describes your funding situation, please contact the Graduate Academy.
  • It is possible to be employed while receiving the completion grant only if the working hours are not more than 25% of a full-time position. Additionally, the employment must be related to the subject area of your doctorate or to a possible field of work that you could pursue after obtaining your doctorate. However, there can be no overlap between the work carried out within your employment and the activities that are funded through the completion grant.
  • After you have combined your application documents into one single PDF, please check to make sure that the PDF can be opened and the contents can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Submit your application

Pfeil Application for a completion grant within the LGF program

   Please follow the steps below in order to submit your application:
  • Fill out and submit the online registration form with the following attachments (in a single PDF file):
  1. Report on your dissertation project (max. 5 pages) and a bibliography; please provide the following information:
    • description of your doctoral project (including the current status of your project and the results you gained so far)
    • reasons for the need of financial support
    • work and time plan until completion of the project
  2. Curriculum vitae in table form
  3. Qualifying university degree and certificates (generally Diplom or Master; in German or English)
  4. Certificate of admission as a doctoral candidate to your faculty
  • Ask your doctoral supervisor to fill out and submit a reportAdobe by the application deadline.




How your application is handled:

The online registration form, your application documents as well as the report to accompany your application must be submitted to the Graduate Academy by the application deadline. An automatic email will be sent to you as soon as

  1. you have filled out and submitted the online registration form. This email will provide you with your LGFG identification number and the relevant additional information required for the application for the completion grant,
  2. an evaluation from your doctoral supervisor has been uploaded. Please also check your spam folder.

After the application deadline your application and the accompanying report will be ranked by a faculty board. The university committee of the LGF program will make a final decision on the funding afterwards.


Privacy notice:


Your information and documents – unless submitted voluntarily – are necessary in order to decide on your application. Without this information, your application cannot be processed.

Please see the Data Protection Declaration of Heidelberg University for further information.




Frequently Asked Questions

A page with the most frequently asked questions about LGF completion grants is available here:
► FAQ about completion grants of the LGF program



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