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eDOCation – Initiative for young researchers

Overview / Introduction

eDOCation – Initiative for young researchers


Overview / introduction

eDOCation is an online platform on which young scientists offer advanced training for companies. This provides young researchers with a platform through which they can contribute to the transfer of knowledge from universities to business practice through both digital and analog training. At the same time, they can deepen their contacts, test the applicability of their research and develop their presentation skills. Applications as an eDOC ("entrepreneurial Doctoral student/PostDoc") are possible at any time via the website. The initiative has been funded by the Stifterverband since November 2020.


Keywords: Advanced training, companies, young researchers, industry contacts

Languages: German, English

Target group: young researchers („By this we mean doctoral students, postdocs, assistant professors and young professors in the first 5 years after taking up their professorship. We also welcome applications from PhDs who are no longer working within academia.“

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„Young scholars are the driving force behind scientific findings, but they face career uncertainty, work in part-time positions with lower pay than industry, and lack company contacts that enable a two-way transfer of their knowledge.

If you would like to build a network of industry contacts, ensure the relevance of your research projects, develop your presentation skills, boost your salary, and possibly facilitate a non-academic career, apply now as an eDOC ("entrepreneurial Doctoral student/PostDoc").“


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