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Our trainers in summer 2018

  • epigeum
    Epigeum is the leading provider of exceptional online courses designed to help universities and colleges transform their core activities – in teaching and development, research, studying, and support and wellbeing.
  • "Internationales Studienzentrum" (ISZ)
    The "Internationales Studienzentrum" is part of Heidelberg University. Its aim is to prepare students for studying at post-high school level by teaching them German and the specific knowledge required.
  • Center for Teaching and Learning
    The Center for Teaching and Learning supports Heidelberg University in achieving the quality objectives in study and teaching in the field of interdisciplinary and extra-scientific quality factors through further education and counseling services.
  • Cendrese Sadiku
    Cendrese Sadiku works as a an expert advisor for higher education and research at the GEW Baden-Württemberg (Union for Education and Science). She has studied economic policy and philosophy at Bergische University Wuppertal and political theory at Goethe University in Frankfurt. She is doing her doctorate at Bergische University Wuppertal.
  • Monika Puls-Rademacher
    Monika Puls-Rademacher works as an independent business consultant for personel and organisational development at universities and in businesses. Her consultancy focus lies on assessment procedures, potential assessment for management trainiees, and career development in the industrial sector.
  • Dr. Anjana Buckow
    Anjana Buckow works as a Programme Director at the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft in Bonn where she heads the team that is responsible for Research Career matters. She supervises the Research Training Groups at Bremen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and has extensive experience when it comes to funding and supporting early career researchers.
  • Christoph Forster
    Christoph Forster has been working for the Patent and Information Centre at the department of Technology and Innovation at TU Kaiserslautern since 2001. His focus lies on first level support in all questions regarding industrial property rights as well as patent, brand and design research.
  • Dr. Jan Stamm
    Jan Stamm is a trainer and coach with years of experience in academia. His target groups are PhD candidates and Post Docs from all disciplines. He studied philosophy, linguistics, and economics at Universität Dortmund, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Nottingham University. He finished the interdisciplinary graduate program of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain with a philosophical PhD (summa cum laude). One focus of his work is time- and project-management. Another emphasis lies on workshops on viva defense and rhetoric. He also works as a PhD coach. Finally, he supports professors regarding their stress-competence
  • Iris Lörmann, Dipl. Pol.
    Iris Lörmann works as a freelance trainer and coach since January 2017. Before, she was the scientific director of scientific vocational training at the ZEWK, TU Berlin. Having participated in over 30 projects, she has extensive practical experience in the conceptioning of projects on a national and international level.
  • Dr. Rainer Keil
    Dr. Rainer Keil studied law in Trier and Heidelberg. After his first (1994) and second (1996) juristic state examination he practiced law as Rechtsanwalt (equivalent to an attorney-at-law admitted to the bar) for several years in Stuttgart. The Faculty of Law conferred the doctoral degree (Dr. iur.) to him on the basis of a dissertation within the fields of constitutional law and philosophy of law (supervisor: Prof. Dr. Görg Haverkate). At Heidelberg University he manages administrative matters within the office of the dean and is responsible for legal questions of doctoral students and faculty employees.
  • Jan-Ulrich Glup
    Jan-Ulrich Glup studied Economic Geography at Saarland University. After having worked at an engineering office, he joined the office of information transfer at University of Kaiserslautern in 1993. He is the head of the Patent and Information Centre Rheinland-Pfalz since 2014.
  • Dr. Theo Jäger
    Dr. Theo Jäger works as coordinator of the support activities for young scientists at the presidial office from Saarland University (Saarbrücken). Beyond the promotion of researchers (PhD candidates, postdocs, advanced scientists) from all disciplines, he is also active as trainer/instructor and responsible for various projects in the area of organisational development or internationalisation.
  • David Jara
    David Jara obtained an associate degree in social sciences and humanities at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. In 2010 he completed his MA studies in English and Spanish literature at Heidelberg University. As a doctoral candidate at Heidelberg University’s English department, he was granted an LGF scholarship in 2012. David currently works as a doctoral student counselor at the Graduate Academy where he is also in charge of the research proposal support service.
  • Ingo Schüler
    A trained economist, Ingo Schüler has been working as trainer and coach for more than 20 years. The focus of his work are company seminars, project management, controlling, and strategic company management. He has held workshops at various universities and Graduate Schools in Germany.
  • Dr. Tobias Maier
    Tobias Maier is scientific head of the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik). He holds a doctorate in biology and has done research at leading institutes for over ten years. His scientific articles were published in Science and Cell amongst others. He has several years of experience in working as an independent trainer for scientists and is part of the NaWik team since 2015. Since 2008 he is the author of the blog "WeiterGen" on ScienceBlogs.
  • Josie Dixon
    Josie Dixon has given training workshops for researchers in humanities and social sciences in over 100 universities in the UK, USA, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. She became a consultant after 15 years in academic publishing, as Senior Commissioning Editor at Cambridge University Press and Academic Publishing Director at Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Dr. Jochen Apel
    Dr. Jochen Apel is the head of the branch library for science and medicine as well as a staff member of the Competence Center for Research Data at Heidelberg University. He works on research data management, electronic publishing open access and bibliometrics. Before joining Heidelberg University Library he studied physics and philosophy in Kassel and Münster and did his PhD in philosophy of science at Heidelberg University’s Department of Philosophy.
  • Roman Jaburek
    "Joy and ease in communication" is Roman Jaburek's vision, and at the same time the goal of his coachings. He experienced the importance of a harmonious demeanour during his activities as a radio presenter, narrator, journalist, voice coach, media trainer and yoga teacher. Based on this variety, he developed his coaching program "STIMMIGKEIT", where he teaches how to develop clear presentations, a convincing voice and stress handling abilities. His clients range from speakers, trainers and team leaders to entrepreneurs and politicians.
  • Petra Lehmann
    Petra Lehmann is a certified trainer, coach, image consultant and a qualified chemist. She has many years of experience as an independent career coach for academics, employees and managers of all disciplines and hierarchy levels. In addition, she became a career counselor for doctoral candidates and students at the Career Service of Heidelberg University in 2012.
  • Dr. Raoul Haschke
    Raoul Haschke studied physics in Heidelberg until 2012 and earned his doctorate in astronomy. He has been the founding manager at Heidelberg University since 2012, and since 2013 heads Heidelberg Startup Partners e.V.
    In his work, he supports university members on their way to self-employment. All founders who stand between the phases of idea development and the search for a loan, can book a personal consultation with him. In particular, he gives support for grant applications with a knowledge-based or technological background.
  • Dr. Ute Leidig
    Dr. Ute Leidig (Dipl.-Psych.) is a staff member of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Heidelberg University. She is a trainer for transferable skills and has many years of experience in research and teaching as well as a freelance consultant for institutes, companies and research institutions.
  • Birgit Lukowski, Dipl. Des.
    Birgit Lukowski is a communication designer and lecturer for presentation technique in Berlin. Based upon her extensive teaching experience in various academic contexts she conceptualized a design workshop programme specially tailored to the needs of graduates and early career scientists.
  • Dr. Jernej Zupanc
    Jernej Zupanc was a PhD student and postdoc in computer science at University of Ljubljana, is a National Geographic published photographer and Fulbright alumnus. He worked as the Head of computer vision at a startup and Horizon 2020 project evaluator and now consults and runs workshops on the topic of visual communication and grant writing. Drawing on various fields including technology, art and communication, he studies the best practices and principles scientists and entrepreneurs can use to visually present complex ideas. His workshops are regularly attended by researchers at top institutions in already 15 countries.

Our trainers in the winter semester 2017/18

  • Simon Chaplin
    Freelance Trainer and Translator, Berlin. Graduated with first-class honours from a British university in the 1980s. Has worked as a consultant for the Economics Ministry in Berlin, as an expert for the European Commission and has provided consultancy services to a range of economic development agencies in Germany.
  • Sanja Dembic
    Ms. Dembić studied philosophy, psychology and gender studies and has been a doctoral student at the Institute of Philosophy at Humboldt University in Berlin since 2014. She has several years of work experience at the university in the fields of philosophy and psychology and is also a trainer at the Institut für Argumentationskompetenz in Berlin.
  • Eugen Gerein
    Founder of the company gerein consult, Mr. Gerein is also a freelance actor and drama educator as well as a freelance trainer and consultant. He works for Goll Consulting in Bonn and is a lecturer at the Hochschule für Musik and Darstellende Kunst (university for the performing arts) in Stuttgart.
  • Amanda Habbershaw, M.A.
    Amanda Habbershaw is British born, has a Master`s degree in Applied Foreign Languages and is a certified English language coach for adults. She has worked for various universities (European Business School, Universität Mainz, Karlsruhe International University) as an English language instructor since 1998. More recently, she has developed a specialization in academic English and has held workshops regularly for the Interdisziplinäre Promotionszentrum and Graduate School Teaching Processes of Universität Koblenz-Landau since 2008.
  • Petra Lehmann
    Ms. Lehmann is a coach, trainer and image consultant. She has a degree (Diplom) in chemistry and worked for many years in the industrial and retail sectors. She has been employed at the Career Service office at Heidelberg University since 2001 and is also a freelance trainer.
  • Dr. Ute Leidig
    Dr. Ute Leidig is a staff member of the Department of Key Competencies at the University of Heidelberg. She is a trainer for transferable skills and has long experience as a research assistant and freelance consultant for institutes, companies and research facilities.
  • Wolfgang Leybold
    Mr. Leybold studied social and economic geography and was a project manager in a business promotion agency. He has been the managing director of Leybold &Akli GmbH since 2004 and also works as a lecturer at several universities and colleges.
  • Dr. Philipp Mayer
    Daniela Manke studied ethnology and sociology. The main focus of her work is on the health of immigrants and the relationship between culture and dementia and she has specialized in qualitative research methods as well as in participative methods of learning and teaching. At present, she is working on her doctorate and is a staff member in the Graduate Academy Service Point, where she advises international doctoral students about funding, exposé and application writing, and legal, social and administrative issues.
  • Matthias Merkelbach
    Mr. Merkelbach studied philosophy and German and worked for several years as a journalist, author and university lecturer. He was the educational director of ISD GmbH in Stuttgart and as such was responsible for the educational training program for international companies until 2011. He has been a certified coach for workshops for doctoral students and postdocs at the Impulsplus Qualitätsnetzwerk für Kompetenzentwicklung in der Wissenschaft since 2009.
  • Dr. Martin Nissen
    Studied history, German and English literature in Freiburg and Dublin. PhD in Modern History at Humboldt University Berlin. Editorial work for the publishing house deGruyter / KG Saur in Munich. Since 2010 subject specialist for History and Classical Philology and head of the information services and reading rooms at Heidelberg University Library.
  • Andy Valvur
    Andy Valvur is a writer, a journalist, an actor and a dialogue coach. As a voice-over actor he has appeared in numerous video games such as Star Trek, Top Gun, Psychonauts and Secret Weapons over Normandy for Lucas Arts, playing aliens, fighter pilots and even a bulldog. He even played a recording engineer who spoke Japanese with a British accent in Stolen Song, a video game with Hottei, one of Japan`s biggest rock stars. He was also dialogue coach for Shu Qi in the 20th Century Fox motion picture "The Transporter" starring Jason Statham. He currently works with Deutsche Welle as one of the voice coaches training people to read news broadcasts.
  • Anna-Lynn Wegener
    Anna-Lynn Wegener is a communications professional with an academic background in biology (BSc degree, Cambridge University, UK) and science communication (MSc degree, University of Bath). She has been working as the Press Officer of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg for 4 years from 2005-2009 and now works in strategic communications at the same institute in the position of Communications Officer to the Director General.
  • Ralf Zeidler
    Mr. Zeidler studied physics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and completed a master’s degree in adult education in Kaiserslautern. He worked for several years as a university lecturer for physics, computer science, statistics and electrical engineering. He has been the managing director of the FRIDATA Institute for Data Analysis and a freelance trainer since 2013.
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