New in Heidelberg

On these pages we have put together a collection of links that should help German and international doctoral students get off to a good start in Heidelberg.

► How To Germany - Financial Information

Health Insurance
► GA: Insurance
► Comprehensive list of German government-regulated health insurance companies
► Comprehensive list of German private health insurance companies

If you would like more information about health insurance in Germany, please feel free to contact our Service Point.

Public Transportation and Ride Sharing
► German Rail (Deutsche Bahn)
► Ride Share   or   Mitfahrgelegenheit  (the corresponding site in German)
► Ride Sharing (

City Administration/City Hall
► Citizen's Services for Foreigners Living in Heidelberg
► Heidelberg Local Administration Offices

Further information can be found here:
► Uni Heidelberg: Entry
► Uni Heidelberg: Transportation
► Uni Heidelberg: Medical Care
► Uni Heidelberg: Taxes
► Uni Heidelberg: Telecommunication

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