Newsletter 010/2008

<!-- hier die Headline einfügen--><h3>The University of Trento/Italy is now offering three-year scholarships within its PhD Programme in International Studies</h3>
<!-- hier die Subheadline einfügen--><h4>Application Deadline: March 17, 2008</h4>
<!-- hier kommt der Normale Text, Absatz 1--><p>This highly structured multidisciplinary programme is composed of a minimum of 200 hours of coursework. Students follow a common curriculum and attend advanced seminars in their major and minor subjects, chosen from amongst the disciplines of Economics, Law, and Politics & Society.
<!-- hier kommt der Normale Text, Absatz 2--><p>The school invites applications across the whole range of disciplines comprising international studies but particularly encourages students who intend to carry out research in the following areas: European and International Politics; European, Comparative and International Law; Open Economy Macroeconomics, International Trade and International Financial History. One scholarship will be reserved for applicants with a research project in the area of Trans-national Crime. An additional scholarship is reserved for candidates with a research project in the area of the Politics of European and Regional Integration.</p>

<!-- url-->For application forms and further details please see: <a href=""></a><br><br>

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