Newsletter 04/ 30.01.2018

HGGS Research Methods


The Heidelberg Graduate School for the Humanities and Social Sciences (HGGS) will be organizing a new series of PhD seminars and workshops on Research Methods in 2018. We would like to collect your suggestions and – depending on the availability of experts in the different fields – offer the courses that you need for the development of your research projects.

Please click on FORMULAR AUSFÜLLEN to indicate your choices.

Suggestions with the greatest number of interested PhDs will be given priority. In this sense, please talk to your peers and send us your suggestions for a course that would be of interest to a group of PhDs at your institute or faculty! You may specify particular programmes or send other suggestions via email indicating a minimum of six participants with their names, institute or faculty and contact email.

We kindly request your feedback until 1 March 2018.


Further information:
►Details about the HGGS and current Call for Membership Applications


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