Newsletter 067/2009

Heidelberg University:

Doctoral Candidates Survey “ProFile”

In July 2009, the Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance (iFQ) received the mandate from Heidelberg University to launch a survey of Heidelberg doctoral candidates. The long-term goal of the survey project is the improvement of conditions for research and training for doctoral candidates at the University. At the beginning of the project, doctoral candidates from seven University Faculties were invited to participate in the survey and the remaining Faculties will become involved in the project within the next year (please see Infomail 49/2009: By participating you will help us to improve the conditions for doctoral candidates at Heidelberg University.

We would like to thank all doctoral candidates who already have taken part in the survey. The panel will remain open until October 12th, 2009. The invitations sent out by postal mail include a link through which candidates can register for the panel.

More information about the study “ProFile” is available at:


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