Newsletter 08/ 25-02-2016

10 PhD scholarships within the cooperative research training group: “Tissue analytics for stem cell based diagnostics”


Application Deadline: 31.03.2016


Our newly founded cooperative research training group “Tissue analytics for stem cell based diagnostics”, funded by the Baden-Württemberg Landesgraduiertenförderung Program, invites applications for 10 PhD scholarships for up to 3 years (EUR 1.310/month).


The research training group is located at the Medical Faculty Mannheim of the University Heidelberg and the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim. The newly founded training research group unites ten international research groups with complementary expertise in life sciences, medicine, device development as well as biomedical computing. Major topics are the use of stem cells under different conditions (chronic wounds, muscle and nerve regeneration, kidney disease), the development of evaluation techniques like tissue clearing and the assessment of functional tissue parameters like for example oxygenation. Special emphasis will be put on the evaluation of 3D-data, their segmentation and quantification.


Research Program

The fellows will be educated and trained according to pre-existing basic courses developed during the Marie Curie project: NephroTools. Special emphasis will be put on the quantitative evaluation of tissues. The broad education will allow the fellows to develop novel views that encompass contemporary concepts and future opportunities in the field. The following topics are addressed with respect to the effect of stem cells on tissues: chronic wounds, muscle and nerve regeneration, neurodegeneration, acute kidney injury, transplantation, diabetic nephropathy, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and as additional topics: segmentation and quantification of tissues as well as characterization of stem cells and exosomes. All fellows will be integrated into the established PhD program of the Medical Faculty Mannheim of the University of Heidelberg.



We invite applications from highly motivated candidates with above-average qualifications, passion for and experience in research, and the willingness to actively participate in the research training group. Successful applicants will have Master degrees in either Biology, Cell/Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Device Engineering, Bioinformatics or other relevant disciplines. An excellent command of English is required.



The application should be written in English. It should contain a CV, copies of all degrees, a motivation letter, and two letters of recommendation.


For upcoming questions please contact:

Prof. Dr. Norbert Gretz ( or    
Prof. Dr. Mathias Hafner (

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