Newsletter 030/2011

New at the University of Heidelberg: Ombudsperson for Doctoral Candidates and Supervisors


The Graduate Academy is pleased to inform all doctoral candidates that, in March 2011, the office of ombudsperson for doctoral candidates and their supervisors was established at the University. The ombudsperson can be contacted in cases of conflict surrounding the doctoral project and will act as an impartial and confidential advisor and mediator. The recommendations of the ombudsperson can be then implemented at the discretion of the parties involved.

The office of ombudsperson was created at the initiative of the Graduate Academy in order to improve the doctoral training framework at the University of Heidelberg. The two ombudsmen, Prof. Sonntag and Prof. Strohm, were appointed to office by the University Senate, ensuring that both the humanities and the natural sciences are represented.

Further information about the office of ombudsperson as well as the contact information is available on our website:



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