Newsletter 40/2011


New Service Point INF of the Graduate Academy!
Location: INF 304, Ground floor of the Zentralmensa (cafeteria)


Office Hours of the Graduate Academy: Wed 9 - 12 am

Office Hours of the Academic Writing Support: by appointment


The Graduate Academy, the Welcome Centre for International Scholars and the Equal Opportunities Office of the University of Heidelberg have joined together to establish a new Service Point in Neuenheimer Feld. We are pleased to provide the same support and services at the Service Point INF as at our city center offices but at a more convenient location for students and researchers working in Neuenheimer Feld!


You will find the following service facilities at the Service Point INF:

  •  Welcome Centre for International Scholars

    The Welcome Centre offers assistance to international scholars with questions concerning everyday life and work.
  •   Graduate Academy/Service for Doctoral Students

    The Graduate Academy Service Point offers advice and assistance on topics of general interest to young researchers, such as doctoral training, health insurance, administrative formalities and financial support.
  •  Equal Opportunities Office

    The Equal Opportunities Office and Family Service of the University provide assistance to researchers with affairs concerning family life.


We hope that you will take full advantage of our new location and office hours! For further information about office hours and contact details, please refer to the attached flyer or visit our website:




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