Newsletter 76/2011

9th DocNet Management Symposium 2011 “Finding Strategies for sustainable Development”

18. November 2011, St. Gallen

Empirical evidence suggests that worldwide economic growth is not balanced at all. Questions related to acceptable sovereign debt levels, suitable trade deficits and surpluses, depletion of resources, still remain unanswered. What are the reasons of the observed imbalances on a global, business, and resource level? Which strategies do firms choose in order to grow sustainable? – And can businesses measure whether they are growing in a sustainable manner? Does a balanced use of resources pay off in the short and long run? This symposium will shed light on the qualitative and quantitative dimension of our present understanding of the nature of economic growth. In order to get a holistic picture we grasp this topic from the macro level, from the viewpoint of firms and a resource management perspective. We invite you to listen to our prominent speakers from practice and academia and to challenge them in vivid discussions. If you are interested then take our this year’s DocNet Management Symposium, which takes place on November 18, 2011 at the University of St. Gallen, as a chance to talk to our speakers and several other Ph.D. students in an inspiring atmosphere.

This symposium, organized by the doctoral association of the University of St. Gallen, aims at facilitating an exclusive debate between academia and practice. Distinguished researchers and practitioners from different fields will engage in lively sessions and discuss with Ph.D. students of different disciplines challenges and opportunities of the concept of balanced growth. We are particularly honored to welcome Prof. Dr. Carl Christian von Weizsäcker (Max-Planck-Institute for research on collective goods, Bonn), Prof. Dr. Manfred Perlitz (Emeritus of the University of Mannheim and former consultant of the Kohl - Gorbachev negotiations), Prof. Dr. Uwe Sunde (University of St. Gallen) and many others. For detailed information please refer to the attached flyer and program or visit our homepage

To a limited number of interested Ph.D. and Master students we offer to waive the registration fee of CHF 300 and offer participation for a reduced fee of CHF 20. Please register here or send an E-Mail with a brief explanation of your interest to                                                       
The first registered participants will also get a free copy of the book „Balanced Growth: Finding Strategies for Sustainable Development“, published in the distinguished Springer Publishing House. The book summarizes the contents of this symposium and gives additional insights into the topic from academic and practitioner perspectives.



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