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SIAS Summer Institute 2013/14: “Scenes from the History of the Image: Reading Two Millennia of Conflict”

Application deadline: March 24th, 2013


July 28 - August 9, 2013, National Humanities Center, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA
Summer 2014, Berlin, Germany

Convened by Thomas Pfau, Professor of English, Duke University and David Womersley, Professor of English Literature, University of Oxford.


The purpose of this two-year transatlantic summer-seminar is to explore primary and critical writings related to the history of the image. The objective is to trace how, in the course of Western history, images have functioned, first in religious practice and philosophical theology, and more recently in literature, philosophy, aesthetic theory, and phenomenology. This seminar will seek to undertake an archeology of the image in its various dimensions: viz., as material object, as a medium, as formal-aesthetic artifact, and as the correlate of a distinctive kind of human intentionality. To that end, the 2013 SIAS seminar will successively explore five historical and/or formal ways of considering the image—each time through a mix of primary and secondary literature.

The SIAS Summer Institutes consists of two 10- to 14-day workshops held in consecutive years, alternating between Europe and the United States. The goal is to sponsor joint interdisciplinary work by European and American researchers at an early stage of their career. Participants receive a small stipend; travel and lodging costs are covered by the program. The Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation jointly fund the SIAS Summer Institutes, whose organization in Europe is the task of the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin and in the USA of the National Humanities Center.



Doctoral candidates near completion of their dissertation and post-docs are welcome to apply. Applications are invited from a wide variety of disciplines, including literary studies, history, art history, image sciences, history of science, philosophy, theology, and history of religion. Applicants from other disciplines are equally welcome if their research addresses questions related to the topics of the institute.


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European candidates should address applications to:

Martin Garstecki

Organization and Communication
SIAS-Summer Institutes
Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin - Institute for Advanced Study
Wallotstraße 19
14193 Berlin
Fon:   +49 30 89001-212



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