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CfA fellowships at the German Historical Institute, London
Deadline: March 31, 2014


Each year the GHIL awards a number of research scholarships to post-graduate students at German universities to enable them to carry out research in Britain.

Duration: up to six months
Amount: 1800 EUR/ month for doctoral students

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CfA fellowships at the German Historical Institute, Washington, DC
Deadline: April 1, 2014


The GHI awards short-term fellowships to German and American doctoral students as well as postdoctoral scholars in the fields of German history, the history of German-American relations, and the history of the role of Germany and the USA in international relations. These fellowships are also available to German doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars in the field of American history. The research projects must draw upon primary sources located in the United States.

Duration: one to six months
Amount: 1700 EUR/ month for doctoral students from European institutions

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