Newsletter 26/ 25-06-2019

15th Nichi-Doku Joint Lecture: “Ecological Anthropology of the Foundation of the Ethiopian Highlands Civilization” by Professor Masayoshi Shigeta (in English)


A commentary to the lecture will be provided by Dr. Christoph Bergmann (South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University).

When: Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 6 – 8 pm
Where: Hörsaal 06, Neue Universität, Universitätsplatz 1, Heidelberg

The “Nichi-Doku Joint Lecture” (Japanese-German Joint Lecture) is organized in close cooperation between the Kyoto University European Center in Heidelberg and the Heidelberg University Office, Kyoto (HUOK) — the liaison offices of both universities in Japan and Germany. It aims at promoting and strengthening research exchange between Heidelberg University and Kyoto University.

Professor Shigeta has been examining problems in African agriculture from the standpoint of human-plant relationships (agricultural science, anthropology, ecology, crop evolution, ethnobotany, and domestication studies). Mainly working in Ethiopia, he is also tackling problems of community development through analysis of useful plants cultivated by African people as their cultural resources and folk knowledge associated with it.

Christoph Bergmann is a lecturer in Geography at the South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University. He received his Ph.D. in Sociocultural Anthropology with a dissertation on trade relationships, ethnic identities and mobile livelihoods in the high mountain border triangle between India, China and Nepal. He subsequently conducted several projects in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing particularly on the strategic positioning by marginalized communities within broader processes of cultural, economic, environmental and political change.


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