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CfA five Scholarships in the PhD program "Art, Culture and Markets. History of European Culture from the 18th Century to the Present"

Deadline: August 10th 2017

The interdisciplinary doctoral research group "Art, Culture and Markets. History of European Culture from the 18th Century to the Present" of the Center for European History and Cultural Studies (ZEGK) at the University of Heidelberg is funded by the Landesgraduiertenförderung and delighted to grant five scholarships starting from October 2017 that may be held for up to three years. Consisting of a monthly stipend of 1.000€, the scholarships additionally encompass a lump sum payment of 110€ per month for material and travel expenses and, if necessary, a family allowance (all payments are in accordance with the Landesgraduiertenförderungsgesetz of 23rd July 2008).

The doctoral research group will examine the interweavings of culture and economy in Europe in a diachronic perspective via referring to the examples of markets for art, music, and religion. It will be supported by the professorships for Economic and Social History, Public History, History of the Early Modern Period, Early Modern and Contemporary Art History, Musicology, and for Religious Studies. The group’s interdisciplinary shaped projects will be supervised by two professors of the respective disciplines and will discuss three central research questions: How are ideas and concepts of the relationship of culture and market shaped? Which historical manifestation of cultural industry might be detected? Are there reciprocal impacts between economic practices and artistic-cultural production discernible, and if so, how are these intertwinings carved out? An accompanying study program will support the scientific qualification of the scholarship holders and help them to get their bearings at the beginning of their academic careers. The development and implementation of the projects will crop up in an interdisciplinary environment.


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