Newsletter 60/ 18-09-2014

Changes in the application and awards procedures of travel grants funded through the Graduate Academy


Dear Doctoral Students and Postdocs,

We are pleased to continue supporting doctoral students and postdocs at Heidelberg University with funding for participation in conferences, workshops and for short-term research trips in Germany and abroad. Funding up to a maximum of 1,500 € can be awarded for the reimbursement of travel and living expenses (excluding meals) as well as for registration fees.

Due to funding cutbacks in the second phase of the Excellence Initiative, the board of the Graduate Academy has decided to implement some changes in the application and awards procedures. All of the necessary information for applying for a travel grant is available on our website.
The following is a quick overview of the most important changes:

  • The travel grants will be awarded only twice a year. The application deadlines for 2015 are posted on our website (see above).
  • We will be accepting only one application per applicant per deadline.
  • In general, applicants will be awarded only one grant. Exceptions may be made in well-founded cases.
  • On the application form, applicants will be asked to provide information about the funding of their doctoral training because, in addition to the academic quality of the project and the relevance of the planned trip, the existence of an alternative source of funding for the trip (e.g. through an institute, graduate programme or fellowship) will play a role in the evaluation of the application.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the travel grants!
Your Service Centre Team


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