Newsletter 83/2013

CfA Research residencies:

  • CfA Herzog Ernst Grants by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation
    Deadline: 15 October 2013

The "Herzog Ernst – guest scholarship program"  for guest scholars is aimed at supporting and intensifying scholarly work on the material contained in the research library in Gotha “Altes Buch/Alte Karte" Research Center, Gotha-Erfurt.

Place: Gotha
Duration: 1 to 9 month
Amount: 1100€/ month

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  • CfA Scholar-in-Residence Program at the Deutsches Museum, Munich
    Deadline: 18 October 2013

Applicants are invited to base their projects on the collections of the Deutsches Museum and to cooperate closely with museum staff on site when formulating their research proposals. Projects involving innovative approaches to artefact-oriented research are especially welcome.

Place: Munich
Duration: 6 to 12 month
Amount: Pre-doctoral stipends: 7,500€ (six months) / 15,000€  (full year)

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