Newsletter 90/2013

Doctoral Students’ Week and Reception 2013: "What’s Next After Your PhD? Profiles, Opportunities, Careers"

When: 21–26 October 2013
Where: University of Heidelberg

The workshops of the third Doctoral Students’ Week at Heidelberg University focusing on careers and job application will take place between 21–26 October 2013. In the name of the Rectorate of the University of Heidelberg, we especially invite you to attend this year’s doctoral students’ reception in the main auditorium of the Neue Universität on Wednesday,  23 October 2013 at 6 pm. At the reception, Professor Monika Sieverding will give a talk about “Perspectives after Doctoral Training” (in German). Afterwards we’ll offer you wine and Brezel. In order to facilitate our planning, we would kindly ask you to register for this event (see the link on our web site).

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