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After your doctorate – Information for postdocs

Heidelberg University Personnel Department

The Heidelberg University Personnel Department also offers a wide spectrum of professional development seminars, many of which are aimed at young researchers and postdocs. For example the management programme “Towards a Professorship” prepares young researchers to take on responsibilities in leadership and management, it provides support for their personal career planning and helps them to develop an interdisciplinary network.

More information:
► Management Programme "Towards a Professorship"
► Personnel Development for Postdocs 

Hochschuldidaktisches Zentrum (Center for Academic Instruction)

Postdocs who are interested in professional and academic development opportunities should look into the services of the Hochschuldidaktisches Zentrum (Center for Academic Instruction) (in German).

More information:
► Hochschuldidaktisches Zentrum (Center for Academic Instruction)

Dezernat für Forschung (Research Division)

If you have questions regarding research funding, please contact the Dezernat für Forschung (Research Division), whose staff can provide information about funding agencies and projects. 

More information:

► Dezernat für Forschung (Research Division)
► Contact details of the Department’s staff and their areas of responsibility
► Information about funding for research abroad as well as for participation in conferences and workshops

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