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Outside of our office hours you can reach us by telephone or email.

The 3G rule applies to our office hours. Please wear a mask at all times and register in the university’s check-in system after arrival.


Quick links for doctoral candidates

heiDOCS - Doctoral studies in Heidelberg

heiDOCS is the comprehensive quality management program for doctoral candidates and early stage researchers at Heidelberg University. You will find further information about the program and its goals below.

► The heiDOCS project Externer Inhalt
► heiDOCS - Doctoral Students’ Portal Externer Inhalt
► heiDOCS online doctoral file Externer Inhalt

Doctoral studies in Heidelberg – Ways of pursuing your doctorate

It is possible to obtain a doctoral degree in any of the subjects offered at the university. Doctoral studies can be carried out on an individual basis or within a structured doctoral program.

► Structured doctoral program
► Individual doctoral training

Doctoral studies in Heidelberg – Doctoral guidelines

On the pages below we provide information about the academic prerequisites for doctoral studies, the steps necessary for beginning your studies, language requirements, funding and doctoral regulations. If you need more information, we will be happy to help you.

Formal steps and requirements

► Basic prerequisites
► Formal steps for beginning your doctorate
► Research visits in Heidelberg
► Language requirements
► Funding

Regulatory framework

► Examination Rules and Regulations Externer Inhalt
► Act on Higher Education of the Land of Baden-Württemberg (Ger) Externer Inhalt

Doctoral studies in Heidelberg – Arriving and Living in Heidelberg

We can help you with information about entrance visas and residence permits, various forms of insurance, finding housing, living in Heidelberg and much more.

Living in Heidelberg

► Heidelberg Life

Information for doctoral candidates

► Regulations for entering and living in Germany
► Insurance
► Services for international doctoral candidates

Services for doctoral candidates

The Graduate Academy Service Center can help you with most general questions about doctoral studies. For questions regarding the academic requirements and formalities specific to your subject, you should contact the doctoral studies office of your faculty. The Graduate Academy also offers an academic writing support service for doctoral candidates.

Advising and Support – Representative body for doctoral candidates / Contact persons

The Doctoral Students Convention is the official body representing all doctoral candidates at Heidelberg University. In cases of conflict, doctoral candidates can contact the ombudspersons for confidential advice and mediation. The interdisciplinary doctoral networks serve as platforms of exchange for all young researchers at Heidelberg University.

Funding – Doctoral fellowships

The Graduate Academy provides information about funding organizations and structured doctoral programs. The Service Point team will assist you in your search and application for various types of funding (information about sources of funding, advice on writing research proposals etc.)

► Doctoral fellowships
► Foundations and organizations for the promotion of young talent
► Fellowships in structured doctoral programs
► Fellowships through the Landesgraduiertenförderung

Funding programs by the Graduate Academy

Doctoral candidates can apply to the Graduate Academy for completion grants, travel grants, publication grants and teaching assistantships.

Other funding opportunities

We provide information about funding for conferences or research trips, about opportunities for female postdocs and about the employment market.

Career Development – Qualification and advanced training

The Graduate Academy offers workshops tailored to all stages of your doctoral studies and we have information about courses offered by other facilities at the university. Graduate schools and structured doctoral programs can also book courses with us that are specially customized for the needs of their students

International doctoral training in Heidelberg

We support cooperation with international institutions and assist doctoral candidates in finding funding for research trips abroad. Another form of international doctoral training is the binational “cotutelle de these”.


On the pages below you will find the Graduate Academy information material as well as services provided by other university facilities.


► Graduate Academy seminar program for doctoral candidates
► Information brochures for doctoral candidates
► Guide "Shaping a Doctorate Together" for doctoral candidates and supervisors
► Bibliography and reference management software Externer Inhalt

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