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Graduate Schools and Structured Doctoral Programmes

It is the intention of the University to establish graduate schools, research programmes and other “structured doctoral programmes” in all its disciplines. This goal is in accordance with the recommendations of the German Council of Science and Humanities (2002) and the German Rector’s Conference (2003) on the training of doctoral candidates.

There are already many structured doctoral programmes at the University, particularly in the natural and life sciences. In the humanities, social sciences and law, where the traditional model has been individual doctoral training, an increasing number of such programmes are also being established.

In Heidelberg, there are three different forms of doctoral programmes:

  • Graduate Schools (Graduiertenschulen) – large facilities with 150-300 doctoral candidates covering a wide range of research fields.
  • Research Training Groups (Graduiertenkollegs) – medium-sized groups with 15-50 doctoral candidates covering limited research fields.
  • Research Training Groups (Promotionskollegs) – small groups with 5-7 doctoral candidates covering very specific research questions.

Links to all of the doctoral programmes in Heidelberg, according to discipline and type of programme, are given below:

» Humanities, social sciences and law
» Life sciences
» Natural sciences

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