Doctoral Positions

In addition to doctoral fellowships, paid doctoral positions (employment contracts with the University) are a common way to fund one’s doctoral training. One of the best ways to locate such positions is to make contact with the professor or potential supervisor whose research interests most closely match your own.
Professors, institutes and faculties at the University of Heidelberg generally provide such information on their web sites:

Pfeil Faculties of the University of Heidelberg

To find a paid doctoral position, you can also consult the academic job market which lists openings at the University and nationwide/European academic employment web sites.

Pfeil Academic job market

The following page provides additional links to (non-academic) career web sites and other employment-related resources and events:

Pfeil Open job market

Please note that the pages linked above are for your orientation only. The lists of links provided on those pages are not exhaustive. The Graduate Academy has no control over, and assumes no liability or responsibility for, the content of third-party websites.



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