Doctoral Fellowships and Other Funding Opportunities



The Graduate Academy is happy to support you in a personal advising session or through our web site in your search for a doctoral fellowship or with other funding questions.

The Graduate Academy also administers and awards the doctoral fellowships within the Landesgraduiertenförderung-Programme (LGFG) and the grants funded by the Excellence Initiative (travel grants, completion grants and publication grants).

Please also note the chapter on financing your doctoral studies in our information brochure.

Here is an overview of various funding opportunities:

Doctoral fellowships

» Individual fellowships through the Landesgraduiertenförderung

» Fellowships in structured doctoral programmes


» Completion grants

» Travel grants

» Publication grants

» Conferences and workshops

» Teaching Assistantships

Doctoral positions

» Academic job market

» Open job market

Funding for research trips


You find current information about further fellowships and prizes in our newsletter and here.

There are lists of general job portals and specialized academic job portals available on our web site.



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