Doctoral Fellowships in Structured Doctoral Programs

Fellowships in LGF research training groups
Other regular calls for application


The University of Heidelberg has more than 30 structured doctoral programmes in all disciplines that are funded through a variety of sources. Depending on the kind of programme, fellowships are granted only at the outset of the programme or throughout its duration.

You will find some background information about structured programmes as well as a list of the programmes with contact information here:
Individual Doctoral Training or a Structured Doctoral Program?


Fellowships in LGF research training groups

The Graduate Academy regularly supports research training groups with fellowships funded through the LGF programme. The research training groups that are accepting applications are listed on this page. Please send applications directly to the research training group in question.


Current Calls for Application

There are currently no calls for applications in LGF research training groups.


Information and forms for the payment and extension of existing fellowships are available here:
» Doctoral Fellowships in Research Training Groups funded through the LGF


Contact: Birgit Bell, Tel. 06221-54 19761, E-Mail:



Other regular calls for application

The following structured doctoral programmes regularly invite applications for doctoral fellowships:

Graduate Schools

Clusters of Excellence

DFG Research Training Groups

Other structured doctoral programs

We recommend that you look at the web sites of all of the structured programmes to find more detailed information about funding opportunities.

There is a list of all graduate schools and structured doctoral programmes at the University of Heidelberg available on our web site:

» Graduate Schools and Structured Doctoral Programmes


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