Publication Grants

Publication Grants from the Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy awards grants to fund the publication of dissertations that have received a final result of summa cum laude, mit Auszeichnung, or magna cum laude (only in special cases). The grant application must convincingly demonstrate that the dissertation is not suited to electronic publication. The maximum grant amount is 1.500 €.

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Stifterverband Deutscher Wissenschaft

The Stifterverband is an umbrella organization made up of numerous German scholarly foundations.  It maintains a funding database which can be searched (in German only) using various criteria, such as “Druckkostenzuschuss” (publication grant). Please be aware, however, that the foundations listed in the database may support only very specialized groups or disciplines.

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Other Foundations

Publication Grants for Dissertations in Theology

The Georg Strecker Foundation supports theology and theological scholarship, particularly of young theology scholars, by awarding, among other things, publication grants for above average scholarly achievements.

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Publication Grants for Dissertations in the Earth Sciences (in DGG publications)

The Friedrich Stammberger Foundation provides funding support in particular for the academic achievements of young earth scientists in the form of grants for the publication of dissertations in publications of the Deutscher Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften DGG (German Society of Earth Sciences).

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