Applying For A Travel Grant


It is no longer possible to apply for travel grants for travel in 2018.

The application deadlines for 2019 will be posted here in the fall 2018.  



Please complete the following three steps to apply for a travel grant:


STEP 1: Fill out the online registration form:
(Please note that the submission of the online registration form alone does not constitute an application.)

Important! We are currently experiencing problems with the English language version of the online registration form. We would appreciate it if you would use the German language version of the form until we can solve the problem.  After clicking on the above link to the form, do not click on the "English" button to change the page. Please remain on the German language page and fill out and submit that form. Thank you!


STEP 2: Submit your application documents by email to the Graduate Academy:

  • Application form:
    ► Application form for doctoral students Adobe
    ► Application form for postdocs Adobe
  • For doctoral students: a scanned copy of the letter of acceptance from your Faculty at Heidelberg University (“Annahme als Doktorand”) or a scanned copy of your registration information from LSF (“Stammdatenblatt”). A copy of your plastic CampusCard is not sufficient.  Doctoral candidates in the Medical Faculty must also submit a scanned copy of their university degree.
  • For postdocs: a scanned copy of your current employment contract with Heidelberg University. (N.B. Postdocs are eligible to apply only within the first three years after completion of their doctoral degree.)
  • For all applicants (for participation in a conference or workshop): a confirmation from the conference/workshop organizers that your abstract has been accepted for presentation. If you have not yet received a confirmation, please indicate on the application form when you expect it.

STEP 3: Ask your supervisor to submit the evaluation form

This form Adobe must be submitted by your supervisor by email directly to the Graduate Academy (


Before you submit your application, please check carefully that you have included all of the necessary documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Guidelines for applying for a travel grant/FAQs
Please read this information before applying for a grant. Read more
The statute governing the travel grants can be found here (in German only) Adobe
Pages 933–944


Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or need further information:

Graduate Academy Service Centre
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1st Floor, Room 135
69117 Heidelberg

Phone: +49 6221 – 54 19763
Fax: +49 6221 – 54 19790

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