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repro4everyone – Reproducibility for Everyone


repro4everyone – Reproducibility for Everyone


Reproducibility for Everyone is a worldwide project by volunteers in research, industry and startups aiming to become the one-stop-shop for reproducibility resources. The initiative aims to provide expertise about reproducibility tools and best practices by producing resources which may help grow researchers' awareness of and ability to do reproducible research. There are regular workshops and resources such as handouts, articles, posters and other material available online. The focus is on life sciences for now but in the long run the goal is to produce and offer resources for other research disciplines, too.

Resources are available on the following topics (selection): Experimental Reproducibility, Planning Research, Sharing & Collaborating, Analysis & Computation, Vizualisation & Images.

Keywords: improving reproducibility, reproducible results, Open Science, good scientific practice, research ethics

Provider: volunteers in research, industry, and startups in the area of reproducibility

Languages: English

Target group: researchers in life sciences from all career stages



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