Qualification and advanced training for postdocs

During and after your doctoral studies, you can obtain information and advice on career planning from various offices at Heidelberg University. Regardless of whether or not you are planning a career within academia, the services outlined here can help you to identify the ways in which you can continue to develop your career after completing your doctoral studies.

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Personnel development for postdocs

Heidelberg University supports postdoctoral researchers (postdocs, junior research group leaders, junior professors) with a variety of services in the following areas:

  • personal career planning
  • development of relevant academic skills in non-subject-specific fields
  • interdisciplinary networking

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Management program "Towards a Professorship"

The management program "Towards a Professorship" prepares young researchers to take on responsibilities in leadership and management; it provides support for their personal career planning and helps them to develop an interdisciplinary network.

Mentoring Programme

Heidelberg University offers a Mentoring Programme for Post-doctoral Researchers as part of the heiTRACKS promotion of young talent

The aim of the 12-month mentoring programme is to provide early-career researchers at Heidelberg University with the best possible support in reaching their personal career goals.

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Career coaching for postdocs

The Career Coaching for Post-docs as part of the heiTRACKS promotion of young talent at Heidelberg University is particularly designed for postdocs who graduated at least two years to a maximum of four years ago and who are currently employed at Heidelberg University.

Career coaching for postdocs offers you short-term assistance with Professional orientation, Career planning, and Decision-making.

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Dual Career Service for Postdocs

The Dual Career Service supports the partners and families of newly-hired professors and postdoctoral researchers at Heidelberg University with pursuing their career in Heidelberg and the region.

The Service offers advice and information about employment opportunities at Heidelberg University and with other employers in the region as well as help and support during the application process. Participants also profit from sustainable networks and cooperations within and beyond the University.

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Equal Opportunities Office

The Equal Opportunities Office develops gender equality measures for the university and its institutions.

Furthermore the Office systematically promotes young female academics and works towards improving the conditions for combining scientific careers with a sustainable family life.

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► Information of the Equal Opportunities Office for Postdocs Externer Inhalt (German)
► Equal Opportunities at Heidelberg University Externer Inhalt

Internal Training Program

The University provides professional development and continuing education courses to its staff free of charge.

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► Internal Training Program Externer Inhalt (German)

Academic instruction

The department for academic instruction (Hochschuldidaktik) offers a series of courses aimed at helping young researchers to improve their teaching skills.

The program comprises a number of modules, taught in German, which lead to the certificate called "Baden-Württemberg-Zertifikat für Hochschuldidaktik". A fee is charged for the program.

More information:
► Hochschuldidaktikzentrum Baden-Württemberg (HDZ) Externer Inhalt (German)
► Arbeitsstelle Hochschuldidaktik Externer Inhalt (German)

Career Service: professional know-how

The Career Service advises students, doctoral candidates and post-docs about career opportunities and helps them to discover their own professional competencies.

More information:
► Career Service Externer Inhalt (German)

Start-up Management

Start-up Management of Heidelberg University supports students, alumni and employees in establishing new enterprises.

Support during the planning phase is given, in particular, to those start-ups founded in good, solid ideas or the commercialization of research results.

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Jobs and vacancies at Heidelberg University

Heidelberg is an attractive center for higher education and research.

There are also a large variety of employers in private industry as well as in the public sector both in the city and the surrounding area.

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