Newsletter 070/08

The Cluster of Excellence CellNetworks, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg: Postdoc Program 2008/09

Deadline: December 7th, 2008

The Cluster of Excellence CellNetworks, centered on world-renowned Heidelberg University, unites more than 100 leading research groups from the faculties of Medicine, Bioscience and Natural Science, DKFZ, EMBL, MPI for Medical Research and the Central Institute for Mental Health, in one common objective: to explore complex networks within and beyond the cell, to describe functional interaction in unprecedented detail and truly understand how it all fits into place. We, the Cluster CellNetworks, focus on life-science with expertise from biology, medicine, physical chemistry, biophysics, material science and advanced computation. We offer several postdoc positions - to outstanding scientists we provide a distinguished two year position (German postdoc salary) within one of our research groups of your choice. Your application should include a CV, list of publications, a project proposal (3-5 pages), two reference addresses, and a written agreement of the lab head you would like to work with.

Please inquire at the CellNetworks website, find further information about the participating research groups of the cluster and contact your preferred group leader:

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