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Postdoc Scholarship Program - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)


Founded in 1972, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) is an international research organization that conducts policy-oriented research into problems that are too large or too complex to be solved by a single country or academic discipline:

  • problems like climate change that have a global reach and can be resolved only by international cooperative action, or
  • problems of common concern to many countries that need to be addressed at the national level, such as energy security, population aging, and sustainable development.

IIASA is now accepting online applications for its annual Postdoc Scholarship Program of up to two years' duration. It encourages and promotes the development of young researchers and offers them the opportunity to further their careers by gaining hands-on professional research experience in an international scientific environment. Scholars are expected to conduct their own research within one of IIASA's research programs or special projects on topics closely related to IIASA's agenda.


IIASA provides full funding for two postdoctoral researchers each year.


To find out more about the Postdoc please visit our homepage:

Overview of IIASA'S Research Activities:


Applications for the Postdoc 2011 scholarships will close on February 28, 2011.




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