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DAAD/AICGS - Economic Studies Research Fellowship Program


The DAAD/AICGS Research Fellowship Program, funded by a generous grant from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD). The program is designed to bring scholars and specialists working on Germany, Europe, and/or transatlantic relations to AICGS for research stays of two months each. Fellowships include a monthly stipend of up to $4,725, depending on the seniority of the applicant, economy class round-trip airfare and transportation to and from Washington (for a maximum of $770), and office space at the Institute.


Please note that the DAAD/AICGS Research Fellowship supports fellows conducting research at AICGS in Washington, D.C. We are unable to support research in Germany/Europe.


Project proposals should address a topic closely related to one or more of the Institute's five research and programming areas:


1. Globalization and the German and American Economies

2. Germany in Europe

3. Security and Foreign Policy: Changing Agendas and New Challenges

4. Culture and Politics

5. Transnational Issues and German-American Cooperation


Special consideration will be given to research projects addressing the Institute's current and future project emphases within these areas, including: German and American responses to economic globalization; German, European, and American approaches to regulation of the transatlantic marketplace; European integration and the Franco-German relationship; the future of German-American and transatlantic relations; evolving relations among the United States, Germany, and Turkey; the influence of the media on German-American and transatlantic relations; and cultural or value conflicts between America and Germany/Europe, including the role of religion in U.S., German and European politics, and the Broader Middle East.


Deadlines: August 31, 2010 and February 28, 2011


For detailed information see:


Heidelberg Research Service online:


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