Newsletter 27/ 20.06.2023

Sixth Nature Marsilius Visiting Professorship "Science Communication": Michele Catanzaro


Dear Doctoral Candidates,


Today we would like to draw your attention once again to the upcoming courses of the Nature Marsilius Visiting Professorship. There are still some remaining places available and we cordially invite you to join the exciting courses!

Michele Catanzaro, the 6th Nature Marsilius Visiting Professor of Science Communication, is a highly renowned science journalist and author who lives and works in Barcelona. In addition to his science journalism expertise, he also has many years of teaching experience in science communication. During his stay in Heidelberg Michele Catanzaro offers the following courses for which you can still register: 

Workshops 2023:

Course 1 
What makes for excellent science journalism? 
Tue., 04.07.2023, 9am – 1pm 
Target group: MA-students, PhD candidates, Postdocs, Professors

Course 2 (Already booked out)
How to write an effective science communication text? 
Wed., 05.07.2023, 9am-1pm 
Target group: MA-students, PHD candidates, Postdocs, Professors

Course 3 
How to find journalistic interest in your research? 
Group 1: Tue., 11.07.2023, 9am – 1pm 
Group 2: Tue., 18.07.2023, 9am – 1pm 
Target group: PhD candidates, Postdocs and Professors 

Course 4 
So, you want to be a science journalist? 
Wed., 12.07.2023, 9am – 1pm 
Target group: MA-students, PHD candidates, Postdocs

Course 5 
How to communicate risk in a responsible way? 
Wed., 19.07.2023, 9am – 1pm  
Target group: PhD candidates, Postdocs and Professors 

Course 6 
Academic freedom, research, and science journalism
Co-instructor: Frank Albrecht (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) 
Thu., 27.07.2023, 11am – 1pm 
Target group: BA-students, MA-students, PhD candidates, Postdocs and Professors


Further information on the workshops and how to register:

Nature Visiting Professorship – Science Communication 2023


Best wishes,

The team of the Graduate Academy

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