Newsletter 90/2012

Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library announces its Research Fellowship Program for 2013-14, consisting of short- and long-term fellowships open to academic, independent, and museum scholars, to support advanced study of American art, culture, and history.

The Research Fellowship Program provides scholars with opportunities to work in one of the great repositories of research materials on social and cultural history, art and architectural history, decorative arts and design, and topics in the history of everyday life. Collections are rich in material relating to the colonies of British North America and the United States from the seventeenth to the mid-twentieth centuries. Fellows have full access to library collections of more than 87,000 volumes and one-half million manuscripts and images, searchable online at Fellows may conduct object-based research in the museum's collections of 90,000 artifacts and artworks made or used in America to 1860.

Please note: International PhD students can apply for the dissertation and short-term fellowships.

Winterthur Dissertation Fellowships
Duration:      1-2 semester
Amount:       $7,000 per semester

Short-Term Research Fellowships
Duration:      1-3 month
Amount:       $1,5000 per month

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