Information for Doctoral Supervisors

The Graduate Academy supports doctoral supervisors who wish to establish new frameworks for cooperative supervising in their research groups.

Dr. Helke Hillebrand, Phone: 06221-54 19760, Email:
Dr. Heidrun Kugeler (parental leave), Phone: 06221-54 19770, Email:


Doctoral Training within a Structured Doctoral Programme

The Graduate Academy provides funding for new research training groups (Promotionskollegs) at the University of Heidelberg through the Landesgraduiertenförderung Programme. Groups of two or more professors interested in establishing structured doctoral programmes can submit funding applications. The research training groups receive five doctoral fellowships, each with a funding period of three years, as well as an infrastructure grant of max. 5,000 Euro per year.

Additional Funding Opportunities

You will find information about additional funding opportunities from external sources on these pagesExterner Inhalt.


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