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Transfer and Entrepreneurship

Overview / Introduction
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Transfer and Entrepreneurship

Keywords: Business, copyright, intellectual property, networking, (general/limited) partnership, patent, patent law, start-up, trademark

Overview / Introduction

If you are thinking about starting your own business after or during your PhD, questions about entrepreneurship, intellectual property or copyright will arise. Sometimes your doctoral project may automatically lead to your application for a patent. Other times your project might serve as inspiration for further work in your field of expertise and give you an idea of how to build a business. We wish to help you along the way with the following resources, online courses and information on where to get support for your business idea at Heidelberg University.


Training resources / tools


hei_INNOVATION, Heidelberg University








Future Learn


Khan Academy

Linkedin Learning (fee)

Open Classrooms

Shaw Academy (fee)

Harvard Business School Online (fee)



Heidelberg University




„Starting Out at a Start-Up“, Inside Higher Ed, 2020-02-17
„Entrepreneurship and the humanities may feel like worlds apart. Start-ups have become somewhat synonymous with Silicon Valley, and the images they conjure don’t align well with values commonly held among humanists who aren’t typically motivated by helping businesses profit. However, after working with humanities Ph.D.s for more than 10 years, and, critically, understanding their work and training, we see more commonalities than differences. If you’re curious about the similarities between humanists and entrepreneurs, we invite you to keep reading.“ […]

Dr. Entrepreneur: Astonishing Similarities Between Entrepreneurship and the PhD Journey, Gabriel Mayrink, LinkedIn, 2019-04-07
„Undeniably, entrepreneurship and the PhD journey differ in obvious aspects such as their respective commercial and academic ambitions, in general. However, both turn out to enjoy astonishing similarities in other domains“ […]

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What's Your Bio Strategy?: How to Prepare Your Business for Synthetic Biology. John Cumbers & Karl Schmieder.

Start-up: A Practical Guide to Starting and Running a New Business. Tom Harris.

Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Starting, Managing, and Leading Biotech Companies. Craig Shimasaki.

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