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Further Reading

How to keep the scientific-mentoring magic alive
(Nature Careers Podcast and transcript by Julie Gould, October 14, 2021)

Some relationships last decades. How can they withstand the combined tests of time, geography and career stage?



LERU’s view on holistic doctoral supervision

Supervision of doctoral researchers is a central aspect of doctoral education, which is a core activity of universities, especially research-intensive ones. Doctoral researchers are key to advancing research within universities, and the global recognition of the doctoral degree reflects the unique and vitally important role of universities in society.



Doctoral supervision is about the person, not the dissertation

The authors of LERU's new paper on doctoral supervision – Dr Helke Hillebrand, director of the Graduate Academy at Heidelberg University, and Dr Claudine Leysinger, head of the Graduate Campus at the University of Zurich – discuss the challenges and rewards of nurturing the next generation of researchers.


Useful Links


Information for Doctoral Supervisors

The Graduate Academy supports doctoral supervisors who wish to establish new frameworks for cooperative supervising in their research groups.

Structured Doctoral Programs – Information for Supervisors

There are different ways in which to establish new educational and research structures for doctoral candidates and postdocs.

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