Newsletter 13/ 10.03.2020

The Initiative for Science in Europe – petition for an ambitious budget for Horizon Europe


The Graduate Academy would like to share the petition for an ambitious budget for Horizon Europe with you. Please feel free to sign the petition if you wish to support the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) in asking the governments of EU member states to invest more in Education, Research, and Innovation.

About the petition

The Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) has started a campaign to ask the governments of Member States to invest more in Education, Research, and Innovation. They call Researchers, Learned Societies, Academies, Research Organisations and Institutions to support the campaign with an effective and concerted action and show a united researchers’ front!

The budget discussion regarding the next 7-year framework program (Horizon Europe) is coming to a close. A lower investment than hoped for in Horizon Europe looks highly probable due to an unfavorable geo-political situation. This will have some dire consequences on European Research, and hence capacity for innovation.

The initial allocation of 120B EUR to HE proposed by the Parliament has been revised to 94B EUR by the Commission in spring, and the budget compromise decided by the European Council this fall could lead to further cuts.

ISE asks supporters of the campaign to be activists and engage with the broad research community to achieve this important goal. People and institutions can support us in the following ways:

  1. Sign the petition
  2. Share the petition on social networks frequently and ask contacts to re-share
  3. Distribute the information via email to all contacts who might be interested
  4. Bring the petition to the attention of local press

ISE is a non-profit organization based in Strasbourg which was established in 2004, as an independent platform of European learned societies and scientific organizations. Its aim is to support research in all fields of science (human, social, natural, formal as well as technology) at a European level, involve researchers in the design and implementation of European science policies, and to advocate strong independent scientific advice in European policy making.



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