Newsletter 58/ 22.11.2022

Nature Masterclasses – NEW! "Experiments: From Idea to Design"


Dear Doctoral Candidates,


we are happy to announce a new addition to the Nature Masterclasses online courses portfolio developed by Nature Research. The new course "Experiments: From Idea to Design" is designed for researchers in the natural or life sciences who want to develop their experimental design skills.


You will learn

  • how to develop research motivations, identify assumptions and formulate hypothesis,
  • how to select the precise methods, tools, techniques and protocols you need to answer your research question and
  • how to refine and make use of your experimental design.

As a member of Heidelberg University, the subscription by the Graduate Academy gives you free-of-charge access to all of the courses on the Nature Masterclasses platform. Make the most of our subscription and check our webpage for more details!


Please note:

If you are a doctoral researcher from the humanities or social sciences, check out Nature Masterclasses courses such as "Advancing Your Scientific Presentations", "Focus on Peer Review" or "Networking for Researchers"


Best regards,

The Graduate Academy Team

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