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Services for international doctoral candidates

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​Heidelberg University provides special services tailored to the needs of international doctoral candidates.

Getting Started on Your Doctorate – Reception and information session for new doctoral candidates

The "Getting Started on Your Doctorate" event and reception of the Graduate Academy is aimed at new doctoral candidates and takes place four times a year at different places on campus.

We will inform you about registering and enrolling, finding housing, obtaining health insurance, funding your doctoral studies, learning German and much more. Doctoral candidates will have the opportunity to meet the Graduate Academy team, to ask questions and to get to know other doctoral candidates.

Further information:
► Getting Started on Your Doctorate – Events and lecture series

Services provided by the International Relations Office

The International Relations Office provides services and organizes events that help international students to get settled in Heidelberg, to make contact with other students and to get to know the region.

Orientation Days

Orientation Days take place every semester shortly before classes begin.

The aim of the program is to introduce students and doctoral candidates to the University, to the individual institutes and to facilities such as the library and the computer center. Orientation Days also provide a good opportunity to meet other doctoral candidates.

Further information:
► Orientation Days for new international students Externer Inhalt

Excursion program

The excursion program offers international students the chance to take part in a large number of excursions in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg and other parts of Germany.

Buddy Program

The Buddy Program creates opportunities for international and intercultural exchange among German and international students.

The program is currently offered in 13 subject areas:

American studies, English, Economics, German as a Foreign Language, History, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Medicine (Medical Faculty Heidelberg), Law, Sociology, Translation and Interpretation and Dentistry.

The "buddies" help new students and doctoral candidates to familiarize themselves with the University and the city and to deal with various administrative issues.

Further information:
► Buddy Program Externer Inhalt

Services provided by the Welcome Centre

The excursion and buddy program organized by the Welcome Centre is open to all registered international scholars.

International doctoral candidates who are carrying out short-term research in Heidelberg but not completing their doctoral training here can register at the Welcome Centre and take part in their programs.

Further information:
► Welcome Centre for International Scholars Externer Inhalt
► Research visit to Heidelberg

Services provided by the Studierendenwerk (Student Services Organization)

The Studierendenwerk also provides a lot of useful information to international students, especially for those newly-arrived in Heidelberg.

Please note that the Studierendenwerk's services are only available to students who are enrolled at the University.

This "International Students Online" website is a good source of information in English that can help you to prepare your trip to Heidelberg and, once here, to find your way around the University.

Further information:
► Studierendenwerk International Externer Inhalt

ServicePackage for your arrival

International doctoral candidates can book the package in advance before coming to Germany.

For doctoral candidates the category "HighTechPlusSuperior" is available. The package consists of accommodations in a dormitory room for one semester, the Semesterticket for the public transportation system, an excursion package, events and other services. Optional services are health insurance coverage and the pick-up service at Frankfurt Airport (Frankfurt am Main).

The application deadlines for the ServicePackage are July 15 for the winter semester and January 15  for the summer semester.

Further information:
Phone: +49 (0) 6221-54-2653
► Studierendenwerk ServicePaket Externer Inhalt

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