Keynote-Vortrag und Doktorandenempfang
24.10.2012, Neue Aula, Neue Universität


19:00 Uhr



Keynote lecture:

Revolutionizing Academic Publishing?
The Open Access Challenge

John Willinsky (Stanford University)

The digital era has led to changes in scholarly publishing that revolve around the openness and impact of research and scholarship. This talk, drawing on a decade of research and development in scholarly communication, will review the variety of issues, options, and challenges that researchers face today in thinking about how to share their work with the world best. This review will raise a series of economical, historical, legal and ethical questions about the nature of scholarly communication dealing with topics of intellectual property rights, economic models for publishing, new forms of data-sharing, the metrics of reputation-management, and the prospects of academic freedom.

Here is a chance to get caught up on new developments and discuss what the future for the circulation of knowledge holds.

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John Willinsky

John Willinsky is Khosla Family Professor of Education at Stanford University and Professor (limited term) of Publishing Studies at Simon Fraser University, where he directs the Public Knowledge Project which is dedicated to conducting research and developing software that measures and extends the public and scholarly quality of academic publishing. His books include
”Empire of Words: the Reign of the OED” (Princeton, 1994), ”Learning to Divide the World: Education at Empire’s End” (Minnesota, 1998), ”Technologies of Knowing” (Beacon, 2000) and ”The Access Principle: The Case for Open Access to Research and Scholarship” (MIT Press, 2006).


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