Doctoral Candidates

Research abroad for doctoral candidates in computer science and economics: Gerda Tschira Foundation

This program provides funding to single parents studying computer science or economics to carry out part of their training or research outside of Europe. Single mothers and fathers are given the opportunity to take their children with them on their study/research abroad program. The program is aimed at students in the upper semesters and at doctoral candidates at German universities. The study/research abroad term should make up a logical component of the applicant’s entire study/research program and should not exceed one year.

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Stipends for child care and household help for doctoral candidates: Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation

This foundation provides stipends for child care and household help to highly qualified female doctoral candidates so that young mothers have more time and flexibility for their academic work.

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Publication grants for dissertations: Deutscher Akademikerinnenbund e.V.

The mission of the funding committee is to support and honour the achievements of female scholars by increasing the visibility of their work and enabling them to serve as role models for future generations of girls and women.

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Cusanuswerk career promotion program

Through its career promotion program, the Cusanuswerk provides long-term support to young women in their personal and career development. The project “Talente sichern - Zukunft gestalten” (Securing Talent – Structuring the Future) is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is open to present and past scholarship recipients of all of the Begabtenförderwerke (eleven organizations for the promotion of young talent).

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