Our Trainers


  • Simon Chaplin
    Freelance Trainer and Translator, Berlin. Graduated with first-class honours from a British university in the 1980s. Has worked as a consultant for the Economics Ministry in Berlin, as an expert for the European Commission and has provided consultancy services to a range of economic development agencies in Germany.
  • Heiko Daniels
    Heiko Daniels has received an M.A. in History of Art, Sinology and German. He has many years of practical experience as a lecturer focussing on image and web design. In addition, he is working as a web and cd-rom developer, IT project manager (Focus: CRM/SRM) and as an author for broadcasting programmes.
  • M.A. Amanda Habbershaw
    Amanda Habbershaw is British born, has a Master`s degree in Applied Foreign Languages and is a certified English language coach for adults. She has worked for various universities (European Business School, Universität Mainz, Karlsruhe International University) as an English language instructor since 1998. More recently, she has developed a specialization in academic English and has held workshops regularly for the Interdisziplinäre Promotionszentrum and Graduate School Teaching Processes of Universität Koblenz-Landau since 2008.
  • Dr. Andrea Hacker
    Dr. Andrea Hacker received her PhD in Slavic Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has taught courses on literature, film, and academic writing at universities and colleges in the US, Ireland and Germany, while also maintaining a career as a freelance editor and translator. She currently manages the Editorial Office the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" of the University of Heidelberg, where she oversees the publication of a book-series and the e-journal "Transcultural Studies".
  • Thomas Knefeli
    Thomas Knefeli studied German, education, history and Spanish at the University of Heidelberg. He was employed for several years as a teacher in South America/Latin America and has long experience in teaching German as a foreign language. He is currently a senior lecturer at the International Studies Centre of the University of Heidelberg.
  • Klaus Knobloch
    Klaus Knobloch studied German, romance studies, speech science and speech training at the Universities of Göttingen and Saarbrücken. He was a German language assistant at a French secondary school in Niort (Deux-Sèvres). From 1972-2000, he was a specialist lecturer in the Department for Speech Science and Speech Training at the University of Heidelberg. He had been head of the department from 2000 - 2010. Additionally, he was employed by the broadcasting companies SR and SWR as broadcaster, host and writer from 1970-2000.
  • Dr. Simon Kopp
    Studied art history, American studies and psychology at the Universities of Munich, Frankfurt and Heidelberg. From 2006-2008, research assistant and lecturer in the Art History Department of the Goethe-University in Frankfurt; subsequently two years of project work with Deutsche Lufthansa. Project manager for Research Services, responsible for the arts division since March 2010.
  • Dr. Jörg Kraus
    Dr. Jörg Kraus is the director of the department knowledge exchange and event management of the University Heidelberg. The department UniTT- event management was developed in 2003 to support the organization of academic events.
  • Dr. Ute Leidig
    Dr. Ute Leidig is a staff member of the Department of Key Competencies at the University of Heidelberg. She is a trainer for transferable skills and has long experience as a research assistant and freelance consultant for institutes, companies and research facilities.
  • Daniela Manke
    M.A. Ethnologie und Soziologie. Arbeitsschwerpunkte: Gesundheit von MigrantInnen, Kultur und Demenz. Langjährige Erfahrung in der Beratung internationaler Studierender und Promovierender (Förderungsmöglichkeiten, Bewerbungshilfe, Rechts- und Sozialfragen, administrative Prozesse). Spezialisierung auf qualitative Forschungsmethoden sowie partizipative Lehr- und Lernmethoden. Derzeit neben der Arbeit an der eigenen Promotion, Mitarbeiterin in der Servicestelle der Graduiertenakademie.
  • Dr. Philipp Mayer
    Daniela Manke studied ethnology and sociology. The main focus of her work is on the health of immigrants and the relationship between culture and dementia and she has specialized in qualitative research methods as well as in participative methods of learning and teaching. At present, she is working on her doctorate and is a staff member in the Graduate Academy Service Point, where she advises international doctoral students about funding, exposé and application writing, and legal, social and administrative issues.
  • Dr. Günther Mittler
    Studied history, politics, and English at the Universities of Heidelberg and Amherst/MA. Research assistant in the Department of Contemporary History (Prof. Dr. Edgar Wolfrum) in Heidelberg until 2009. Project manager for Research Services, responsible for the promotion of research in the social sciences, behavioral sciences and law since March 2010.
  • Dr. Martin Nissen
    Studied history, German and English literature in Freiburg and Dublin. PhD in Modern History at Humboldt University Berlin. Editorial work for the publishing house deGruyter / KG Saur in Munich. Since 2010 subject specialist for History and Classical Philology and head of the information services and reading rooms at Heidelberg University Library.
  • Dr. Sita Schanne
    Staff member of the Department of Key Competences at the University of Heidelberg. Studies of sociology and ethnology at the Universities of Heidelberg and Madrid. Working experience in research and teaching for several years. Freelance trainer for transferable skills and university didactics.
  • Andy Valvur
    Andy Valvur is a writer, a journalist, an actor and a dialogue coach. As a voice-over actor he has appeared in numerous video games such as Star Trek, Top Gun, Psychonauts and Secret Weapons over Normandy for Lucas Arts, playing aliens, fighter pilots and even a bulldog. He even played a recording engineer who spoke Japanese with a British accent in Stolen Song, a video game with Hottei, one of Japan`s biggest rock stars. He was also dialogue coach for Shu Qi in the 20th Century Fox motion picture "The Transporter" starring Jason Statham. He currently works with Deutsche Welle as one of the voice coaches training people to read news broadcasts.
  • Anna-Lynn Wegener
    Anna-Lynn Wegener is a communications professional with an academic background in biology (BSc degree, Cambridge University, UK) and science communication (MSc degree, University of Bath). She has been working as the Press Officer of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg for 4 years from 2005-2009 and now works in strategic communications at the same institute in the position of Communications Officer to the Director General.


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