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Completion grants

Completion grants by the DAAD (STIBET)

Application process STIBET

Completion grants within the Excellence Initiative

Application process Excellence Initiative


Grants for the Completion of a Doctoral Degree within the "Stipendien- und Betreuungsprogramm" (STIBET) by the DAAD for International Doctoral Candidates

Within the framework of the "Stipendien- und Betreuungsprogramms (STIBET)" of the DAAD, the University of Heidelberg will award completion grants. The funding is intended to support international doctoral candidates in the final phase of their doctoral training.

  • Funding will be granted only for the writing process of the dissertation, which has to be completed and submitted at the end of the funding period.
  • The fellowships are 600 € per month and are limited to a time period of 5 months
  • Please note that this funding is tied to the current financial year.


Application deadline: February 13, 2019
Funding period: from March to December 2019


Application process STIBET

The following documents need to be submitted to Graduate Academy:

To be submitted by the doctoral candidate:

  • The completed online form
  • Submit a single PDF file (max. 2 MB) containing the following documents to the Graduate Academy (
    • The completed application form
    • A scanned copy of the admissions letter from the faculty* (Annahme als Doktorand/in) or a valid student identification document (Studienbescheinigung).

      * Please note: Students of the Faculty of Medicine, who are pursuing their doctorate during their undergraduate studies (Staatsexamen) are not eligible to apply.

To be submitted by the supervisor:

Please read carefully the STIBET FAQs (only available in German)!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


Call for Applications within the Excellence Initiative of the University of Heidelberg



The call for applications for 2019 is closed


The Graduate Academy awards funding support to doctoral candidates at Heidelberg University who are in the final phase of their doctoral training without funding.

  • Funding will be granted only for the writing process of the dissertation, which has to be completed and submitted at the end of the funding period.
  • Completion grants of 1,103 € per month can be awarded for a duration of up to a maximum of six months before submitting the dissertation to the Faculty (excl. Disputation/Rigorosum).
  • Grant recipients who fulfil the prerequisites are also entitled to apply for child care benefits Adobe.

The grant is not available for financing:

  • research activities belonging to the main phase of doctoral training as well as the examination period after submitting the dissertation and before the Disputation / Rigorosum,
  • work leading up to publication after submitting the thesis,
  • the period between the Disputation/Rigorosum and the final publication of the dissertation.

Further information:
► Statute (in German only; pp. 933–944).

IMPORTANT +++ Please read through the FAQs before applying for a grant!

Due to time constraints, questions dealt with in the FAQs will not be answered again by telephone or email.


Application process Excellence Initiative

Please complete the following four steps in order to apply:

1.  Fill out the Online Registration Form.
(Please note: the submission of the online registration form alone does not constitute an application)

2. Submit a single PDF file (max. 2 MB) containing the following documents to

• The completed application form Adobe
Please save this PDF file on your computer before filling out the form.

• A summary of your dissertation (max. two pages). The emphasis of this summary should be on the work still to be completed during this final phase (six mon.) of the dissertation. Please give only a brief description of the sections of the dissertation that are already finished.

3. Please submit with your application a scanned copy of your letter of admission (“Annahme als Doktorand”) from your Faculty at the University of Heidelberg.

In order to process the applications rapidly, we kindly ask you to rename the file as follows:

Lastname_Firstname_Application completion_2019.

Thanks for your support!

4. Ask both your primary and secondary doctoral supervisor to each fill out a reviewer evaluation form Adobe. Supervisors must send their completed form by email directly to the Graduate Academy (


Please note that incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered!
If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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