Newsletter 35/ 28-06-2022

Survey: Doctoral supervision (European Network on Teaching Excellence)


Dear Doctoral Candidates,


as a doctoral candidate at Heidelberg University you are cordially invited to participate in an international survey supported by the Coimbra Group (of which Heidelberg University is a member). The purpose of the survey is to map the understanding and expectations of PhD students regarding the ideal profile of a doctoral supervisor. The survey is prepared by the University of Coimbra research team in collaboration with Professor Isabel Huet from the Open University, Portugal & the University of Hertfordshire, Great Britain, and launched as a part of The European Network on Teaching Excellence (E-NOTE) project. The Coimbra Group is a partner in this project.


The information collected will constitute a valuable contribution to design and fine-tune doctoral supervision training. The survey’s findings will be disseminated in the E-NOTE project meetings or seminars/conferences and published in academic journals.


The respondents will be anonymized, and you can leave the survey at any moment before submitting the form. The survey includes a first group of demographic questions and a second group on the characteristics of your ideal doctoral supervisor. Access to the raw data will be available to the research team only. The survey will not take more than 15 minutes to complete. There are 10 questions in this survey. The survey deadline is July 20th.


Survey link: E-NOTE - PhD Supervision


Best wishes,

The Team of the Graduate Academy

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