Newsletter 66/2012

HCE offers the opportunity for Junior Research Group Leaders to establish interdisciplinary research groups within the framework of the participating institutes: Institute
of Geography, Institute for Earth Sciences, Institute of Environmental Physics, Research Centre for Biodiversity, Research Centre for Environmental Economics, Research Centre for Sustainable Development Law, Max Weber Institute for Sociology, Institute for Political Science, Institute of Pre- and Protohistory and Near-Eastern Archaeology and South Asia Institute.

Junior Researchers are invited to submit their proposals for interdisciplinary cutting-edge research programs including at least two of the three HCE pillars: natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Particularly welcome are Junior Research Groups related to the following HCE fields of research:
• Regenerative and non-regenerative sources of energy
• Historical reconstructions of local and medium-scale climates
• Geoengineering as a bridging technology
• Managing a limited water supply in the global context
• Biodiversity Research

Application requirements:
Applications should include a research plan (up to 10 pages, including the main goals, a detailed research program, work plan, and a budget). Before preparing the material, potential applicants should contact the HCE Managing Director Dr. Vollweiler for guidance.


Applications should be sent preferably per E-Mail to:
Dr. Nicole Vollweiler –
Managing Director

Further information:

Heidelberg Centre for the Environment (HCE)
Dr. Nicole Vollweiler
Tel: +49 (0) - 6221 54-6530

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